FactCheck UK

During the Televised Leader's Debate on 19th November 2019, the Conservative Press Office rebranded themselves as FactCheckUK.

They did not buy this web domain - this site was created by a private individual with no political affiliation.

Fact Checking

For real fact checking, go to FullFact.org or Channel 4 FactCheck

Tactical Voting

Please go to Tactical Vote to decide how to vote tactically to stop a party that has done far worse things than forget to register a domain name.

For more details about tactical voting (with other tactical voting sites), read this article.

FactCheckUK in the Media

James Cleverly is "absolutely clear that [FactCheckUK] is a Conservative Party website". Maybe he should check his facts?

Dermot Murnaghan asks Tory party chairman James Cleverly about whether he valued truth in politics after CCHQ rebrand their Twitter account ‘FactCheckUK’ during #ITVDebate pic.twitter.com/mUiUZuwqwF

— Tom Rayner (@RaynerSkyNews) November 19, 2019